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The Essence of Being and
Man’s Spiritual Destin
y ©Pietro Grieco

Have you ever asked yourself why people seem permanently dissatisfied? What is the reason why it is impossible to arrive at fulfillment in this world? It is not because we cannot obtain what we wish for....pdf


Where to find spiritual people? Your own neighbor! Story of Catherine Brosnan

One of the rituals when a person moves from one place to another is to answer, “Who are you?”, “Where are you coming from?” and “What you do.” After traditional polite answers, they want to know more, in details. They want to be sure. At the same time if the person that....pdf


 A Spiritual Plan in Time of Crisis
        Pietro Grieco ©2008

If  we are informed that a major problem in coming in our way like a tornado, an earthquake, an hurricane, fire, or a tsunami, it is wise to take some safety measures.  It is the same with any personal, social or financial crises. Normally it consists in finding a high and secure refuge. Even though taking all the precautions we know that we have to endure the situation and go through it.  The success will depend on the most relevant aspect: the high minded state of consciousness we can sustain to be calm and centered in our essential being.


Being a luminous presence makes the difference©Pietro Grieco

When experiencing a somber and fearful situation, we can make a difference; in any crises we have the divine right to be luminous. “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart,” said Helen Keller, who being deaf blind, made a difference. Spiritually we are never disabled we are always luminous. At the tipping point of a crisis we can soothe the tension, and be the turning point light house in the middle of the night manifesting our inner delightful Presence.




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