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Transcending Death and the Continuity of Life

Pietro Grieco© 2011

Death has been and it is felt as a burden to humans not knowing how to cope with it. For many it means the end of life, and for those who have faith in the continuity of life it means the unknown. In a way or another, it produces anxiety. What trouble many is not just the unknown, but that death demands change. Sometimes-painful change. The enemy then is not death but forced change...(open as pdf) pdf

The Great Design and God
Pietro Grieco © 2011

The new book of Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, The Great Design, try to answer, with some sense of humor, the most difficult questions science, philosophy and religion have for centuries strived to answer: Why do we exist? Why is there something rather than nothing? And: Why these laws of physics and not others? For thousands of years to explain how things work was the field of science, but to speculate why the same universe exists was the field of philosophy and religion. ....(open as pdf )pdf


pdfThe Essence of Being and Man’s Spiritual Destiny.pdf


The Starting Point for Peace


An Earth Renewed: The Environment is our Consciousness


The War on Poverty: The Social Investment Approach



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