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Poeta, ensayista, escritor y

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PROVERBS  & EPIGRAMS, Brief Ideas with Great Power

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 For me, Proverbs and Epigrams   are distilled pearls that appeared along the path. When that happened, it was a joy, and I treasured them. My hope is that 

Proverbs & Epigrams 

can inspire and bring joy to you. Pietro



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The Boy and The Prophet


"The Boy and The Prophet"


As I read The Boy and the Prophet, it struck me that this book  is one every parent should read.  Pietro Grieco's memoir ... reminded me that children are deeply spiritual beings eager to ask life's toughest questions and that parents (and contemporary American society) all too often do not foster this questioning, spiritual nature, which is subsumed by religious dogma. I recalled my experiences reading Herman Hesse's Siddhartha and Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, and I thought that one day The Boy and the Prophet may be counted among these pivotal texts as a moving spiritual story for a generation in need.

Robin Keehn, PhD

Dr. Grieco uses the experiences of a child as he grows and comes to know God and understands how to live life properly, not only for the moment, but for all eternity. You will read this book more than once, because each time you read it, by weighing it with your experiences, you will be the richer and the wiser for having chosen to own this deep and probing treatise.

Sam Hamod, PhD

Pietro's book gives the reader the experience of being in the boy's magical world of wonder as the story reveals the sweet love between the boy and the prophet while a new and deeper world is revealed to him and to the reader. A charming & illumined book!

Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck, Co-authors, Love Skills for Personal and Global Transformation: Secrets of a Love Master


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